Kangoo Jumps


What are Kangoo Jumps?

  • Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes¬†are the world’s lowest impact shoe
  • Their patented IPS, Impact Protection System reduces joint impact up to 80%
  • Little to NO PAIN¬†with cardio exercise
  • Increases core strength and improves posture
  • Improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned after exercise
  • Boosts your immune system as it stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Kangoo Jumps exercise is the most effective way to increase overall metabolic rate, resulting in improved muscle tone, weight loss and increased stamina.
  • Strengthens the heart and muscles in the body so they work more efficiently
  • Kangoo Jumps are designed for all ages, from 5 years of age to 80 years of age.
  • Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes have great stability and are easy to use
  • They are FUN FUN FUN!!